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.ALFA PI S.A. is a Construction and Engineering Company in the Design Erection, Commissioning and Maintenance of Mechanical works, including erection of equipment, piping network systems - metallic or plastic - and metallic constructions of any kind with continuous presence at Petrol Refineries and other industrial plants.

ALFA PI S.A. was established on January 1991.

  • ALFA PI S.A. has already executed important works in metallic (carbon or stainless steel) pipe networks and mechanical installations in petrol refineries, food and medical industries and other industrial plants, as analytically described hereinafter.

.ALFA PI S.A. disposes adequate number of specialized technicians, such as welders for various kinds of metals (carbon steel, stainless steel, Cr-Mn-Alloy etc.), who are certified by competent organisations (TUEV, LLOYD’S e.t.c.) in order to comply with the high standard requirements in Quality Control of its Clients.

ALFA PI S.A. undertakes also metallic constructions of any kind, including liquid storage tanks  (with rigid or floating roof) as well as installation and maintenance of industrial equipment such as tower vessels, heat exchangers, furnaces e.t.c. in petrol refineries and other industrial plants.

.ALFA PI S.A. is also specialised in the installation of GRP (glass reinforced pipe), which is considered as the most suitable material to meet the high requirements of installations with severe specifications, such as Petrol refineries and other industrial installations, including installations of networks for liquids or gases.

The personnel is specially trained by AMERON in installation of GRP pipes and the in-situ fabrication of GRP fittings and special pieces. It should be noted that Petrol Companies prefer the GRP pipes in their installation, thus our Company has already installed GRP pipes in 110 gas stations of MOBIL in Greece.